Think of me as of a Koala

Osprey feeding on a Catfish at Matanzas Pass State Park
More successful in fishing than I am

Over a lazy Sunday morning coffee I was thinking about what it tells about me that as a kid I never got much interested in Lions, Tigers or other classic predators. Instead I could spend hours on reading or watching films about Pandas, Koalas, Manatees, and other animals most boys that age would think of as maybe cute, but pretty boring? And I began to wonder if there is some sort of mental connection to this and that it is the reason why I cannot catch any fish besides lots of Tuna at open sea while next to me the guys pull out one after another. – At least I am far from starving.

But maybe this non predator attitude is also why I am more annoyed than thrilled of what most people think of as an exciting action. I never was a great racer nor sports fanatic. Most times playing a game when someone else won I was more happy it was over than sad about not wining. To me a perfect day is a calm one that just provides all I need to survive it.

The same happens when it comes to bad weather. Currently I am waiting for the arrival of what still has a 10 percent chance of becoming the Gulf’s first tropical Storm in 2013. Thats a low chance and if the remains of Pacific Storm Barbara will become that, they have to hurry up. – Tomorrow it’s here.

Tropical Storm Barbara arrives as bad weather in southern Florida on Monday.
Grib-File forecast of Barbara’s remains arriving in southern Florida tomorrow.

Currently only gusty winds, some thunder and lightning and lots of rain are forecasted. In up to 30 knots on anchor I would set a second hook if I had not lost it the other day. But I have sailed in worse than that and anchored in worse too. If so had to be done to get somewhere but I never asked for it. On a mooring ball designed for yachts up to 50 feet here are probably not many reasons to be afraid.

The only preparation will be to dig out my generator from the aft compartment this afternoon because the solar panel will not keep up pumping sunlight into the batteries to work below deck.

But even out on a hook this weather would be more annoying to me than thrilling. I won’t want it, but can’t change it. So I stay put, and wait for it to pass over. If that sounds maybe a little bored, it’s not. Think of me as of a Koala just cewing another eucalyptus for hours watching the rain go by and the sun come up and go down again. Is there a reason to ask for more? No!