IncaSailTrail – Privileges of Making a Plan

The IncaSailTrail to the roots of Central and South American History
The IncaSailTrail to the roots of Central and South American History

The people around me are getting impatient. Projects are due to be finished, boats have to get ready to depart. As fall arrives the season will begin. My Fort Myers Beach maintenance summer heads for its end and still the list of undone tasks appears to grow while many projects took and take longer than thought.

It is the privilege of making a plan to put all this aside and to focus on the upcoming episode of Paulinchen Worldwide. We have named it the the IncaSailTrail and it is about this: A journey to the very roots of the central and southern american culture. – Back in time and high in the Andes to ancient Inca towns and to Mayan places on Yucatan.

The trip will start mid to end october from Fort Myers Beach and head out to Cuba, along the Yucatan Chanel and we expect to reach the Panama Canal in Winter to make a passage into the Pacific.

Being there, how can one miss the Galapagos islands, just about ten days off shore from the canal mouth. The place that inspired Darwins theory of evolution, changing the view on life for a whole planet. It will mark the most western extend of this expedition for now that more aims for southern directions and back to the continent. Along the Ecuadorian coast we will reach Peru and Chile.

Extended stops along this path are planned for tanking excursions into the mainland. A training to hike the IncaTrail in April or May.

From there the path will head on to eventually reach one of the most rural and remote parts of this planet. Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost tip of the American continent.

Planing such a trip involves preparation. We need to be self supporting for weeks. More challenging than the practical work on the boat is the theoretical preparation. Besides permissions to hike the Incatrail and to visit certain parks like the Galapagos Islands we also need to do our own research and find historians for the Mayan, Inca cultures and for general central and south american history. People that can help us sorting out the real important places and stories. (In case someone knows someone, we really appreciate you hint!)

In October we are about to leave Florida to Pacific Ocean
In October we are about to leave Florida for the Pacific Ocean

Than some missing equipment, like a new diesel heater had to be found and installed before Paulinchen heads into the cold. A thing that seems to be quite rare on the used parts marked in southern Florida … And finally, after living almost four years mostly off a 55W solar panel a wind generator must be found and placed somewhere on the boat.

So days are getting shorter and the project schedule gets tighter, but hey, isn‘t it good to just have a plan?

Returning Home to a Sailboat

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Returning Home, from Island Sand Paper Sep-13 2013
Returning Home, from Island Sand Paper Sep-13 2013

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. A week or two to think about what has been archived and what are the goals to go for: A camping trip into the woods or laying back on a mountain lake shore, just watching clouds passing the blue sky. A changing scene generates new inspirations and frees the mind. Like changing wallpapers at home can make an old house look new, another lookout can help to refresh an old life. I experienced this every time I felt uncomfortable with what I did. A week focusing on the problem while looking ad fresh images always revealed the way I would go next. It made and enlarging time between jobs to travel and finally led to where I am now: Living on a boat in Fort Myers Beach. And doing so changed the pattern.

Wallpapers at home stay the same and a vacation means to return to them at the end of a trip. Sometimes this is the bad part of a journey, returning from an exciting place to face the reoccurrence of the day to day life that was just left behind. But what, if the wallpaper change is the day to day life.

I live aboard for more than five years now and since than returning home has changed a lot. Sailing back to Paulinchen‘s homeport does not feel like returning home anymore. Over time it just became a destination on the trip, to finish a circumvention not to end the voyage. My home is floating along changing scenes and seasons. And a vacation has become to see friends and family at the life I have once lived.