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Inspirations from a rainy day

Map of Route along Belize
After sailing Belize for a few weeks (red dotted) we went „ashore“ for a short trip along the coast south of Placencia into the Monkey River.

Not many customers found their way to the Tipsy Tuna today. Over the past few days I almost became part of the furniture here, coming in early, leaving late. – For work, not for fun. But who can really draw that line between working in one of the in-places of southern Belize village Placencia while sitting at the beach. Sure, I am a little exotic with my Computer, external harddrives and a book full of notes. Most of the regular crowd here comes simply to show or watch.

The setting is made for both of us: A open beach bar offers shade from the burning sun at noon in a gentle cool breeze coming off the bright blue water. White, sand reflects all the caribbean can offer to a winter plagued mind under that roof. – A perfect place to find inspirations for writing. Characters for short stories come for free. A set of tables a little apart from the trouble has power outlets to spend a day and connected to wifi. – It‘s a classic cruisers office, the dream of a workplace, right behind a lineup of people taking a tan and guys on the bar glimpse between bikinis and trying to follow american football on the TV.

Today they are not here. The sun hides behind an overcast sky, painting the caribbean in a foggy gray. An ongoing drizzle that slowly turned into a pouring rain and back  seems to never stop. Only two locals sit under the wooden roof, covered in light plastic coats, the  slowly growing puddle reveals they just came in like I did. The tourists are missing. They stay in their hotels or seek one of the rare indoor entertainments the village has to offer.

Rain is not what anyone has booked for Placencia, for Belize, for the beaches of the Caribbean. I mentioned before that talking to locals along our route many stated the same over the past few weeks: Since beginning of November it has rained more than all summer long. And it seemed like there is little or no change in that coming up. The evidence is clear to see: Unpaved roads have long turned into muddy pathways winding around large puddles. The weather fax charts I receive every day just show one heavy rainy cold front after another leaving the US and aiming down here. One or two days of sun are followed by a few under clouds and rain. What confuses the people here is the fact that summer is the rain season in the tropics of central america. We are now in middle of the dryer winter season.

Rain over the forest of Belize
It rained more than in rain season. – A chance for a different adventure than expected.


For a moment I want to join the tourists that want complain but wonder to whom i should. I have not booked anything and have not payed for more than plain living. Undoubtfully this is not what I have expected for here. This is better! – We not just relive a catalog caribbean adventure between the islands, we found ourself in our own one. And that reminds me of what I wanted when left germany four years ago: Go, were I always wanted to go since I was a child.

We take that inspiration from a rainy day and as it cleared up we headed for the rain forests of central america.

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