On the Way

As a cold front passes, fall like weather arrives at the illinois river. First time wearing fleece and fall weather gear since end of may.
First time I have to wear fleece and fall weather gear since end of may

The first hundred miles of river disappeared in Paulinchens keel wake and it looks like it is time to speed up a little on the way south. Storms and rain made the last trip to Ottawa, Illinois a little less comfortable.

But I appreciate the weatherchange as every drop of rain raises the water level a little bit. And that is more important than I thought in the beginning. Doing all the research I before heading this way I was tempted by reading the about a controlled depth of nine feet all the way down. Now I found what I have overseen in the planning. This does not apply to the facilities for pleasure craft. Weiterlesen

New Website

Heading more and more inland
Heading more and more inland through the states towards the gulf coast

The more I get inland the more people who do not speak german start to follow this trip. So decided to start writing from time to time in english last year. The solution was a little temporary and thanks to Hilary I finally made a decision on how to name a plain english blog. So from now on I will not continue posting english articles on my german website at www.hinnerk-weiler.de. Instead post them here at least as good as i can. Welcome to „Paulinchen-worldwide.com“. There are still some flaws, but these will be gone in a few days. Do not forget to bookmark it now.

Current Mission until December 2012: Cruising the US Midwest by boat

Sailing the US Heartland sounds a little uncommon and in fact bridges and Powerlines make it impossible to use the wind to head down for the first part of it. And I am still wondering how many german boats might have ever taken this route after crossing the ocean at all. I know of three (one of them a powerboat that started it‘s trip where I did). So I know I am not the first but at least the attention the flag at Paulinchen‘s stern draws, provides a little insight to the fact that boats from overseas are not too common here.

Heading into downtown chicago by boat on Chicago River
Chicago River takes Paulinchen right through downtown Chicago into the Riversystem

The mast is stepped and Paulinchen has been converted to a powerboat in Chicago to begin traveling the rivers. The Trip startet right downtown Chicago with Lock Number „one“. At least I will refer to „Chicago Lock“ as „Number one“ counting how many I will have to pass until I reach the Gulf Coast. Weiterlesen

LTS Moonlight sail

Nicht sail in Harbour Springs

I love sailing at night. Actually whenever I have to cover more then fiftysomewhat miles I prefer leaving late in the afternoon, relaxing the day before and arrive at daylight between next morning and noon. That way I get it all: Terrific Stars in the total black of some nights, romantic full moon and somehow it is even a challenging fun to count flashes and blinks on buoys and lighthouses to make the way through narrow fairways. Often this is even easyer at night than it is at daylight. Finally not to forget the next morning: Sunrise and breakfast at sea looks and tastes like an adventure of its own. Weiterlesen

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