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October all over

Office at Matanzas Inn
This summers office at Matanzas Inn – Maybe I should bring some patties for lunch…

Looks like this summer turns out to become a rather slow one. Good for me, as there are many projects on the list and a maintenance season here is maybe even better than the original planned one in Trinidad. Lets just hope I will not get blown away… because after staying already for a while in Fort Myers Beach I decided to even stay a bit longer and spend the rest of Hurricane Season here. Only I had to head out of the US for a two week trip to renew my US cruising permit. A requirement that sounded a little odd to me and everyone else who heared about the fact that although my visa would allow me to stay, my boat had to leave and come back.

Finally the day I was almost ready to head out I took the bus to the airport to obtain departure papers and surrender my current permit. But than I met Office Blending and her colleague – the nicest officers ever!  „Impossible“ became „possible“.

Of course they could not issue me an extension for my cruising permit but I did not need one. I was fine with leaving in fall from here straight out of the US for Cuba or Mexico, whereever the wind wil blow me. So they agreed to give me a permission to stay in Fort Myers Customs jurisdiction until end of hurricane season. Once again it’s proven that phone calls and emails are a total different thing from talking to someone face to face.

How else could I better party this permission than with a parade and fireworks the next day in Fort Myers Beach? Well it was not really my party, so: Happy Birthday USA, at the same time!

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