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Sights along the River

Paulinchen with her stepped down mast heads southbound on Illinois River
Heading down the Illinois River. After a few days the River became wider. But it is still too shallow to take chances and risk to drift aground.

It is quite funny to go down a river with a boat set up and loaded to cross an ocean. At it’s very first moment it sounds like a quick and easy run. Step the mast, fire up the diesel and go. Daytrips, made of boring hours following a buoyed path to get somewhere. Then: exiting new sights into the heartland of America. Who thought about how challenging this might become right after the first few days.

Drawing six feet is not a problem. Not even now that some of the Waterways are on a “low water watch”. Low Water for barges and tows means still more than nine feet and in freshwater I draw – learned that the hard way – more six than the five I draw in saltwater. Weiterlesen