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Into the Remoteness of a Riversystem – Part II

Wakeuptime on the Mississippi: Leaving at the crack of dawn
Long distances between anchorages deep enough for sailboats require unusual cruising times. Everyday we leave at Sunrise to have at lease some time of the day left in case the planned anchorage did not work out.

I am jealous. The sun has not even made its way above the eastern bank and life starts  at the rusty barges at Hoppies Marina. Great Laker, Truant, Water Music, Whish, four boat crews are getting ready to leave at the crack of dawn. We all have a long way to go and as the first navigation lights start dancing on the river I quickly brew a coffee and then Paulinchen leaves the dock too.

None of us commited to travel together. As it is not needed to do so. As a single hand sailor who likes independence, I like to travel on my own. But if it happens and if the crews fit together, I like to stay with others too. It is part of the cruising world: You meet and you travel together until one stays for a while and the others leave. But it is never a decision. It just happens. Weiterlesen

Current Mission until December 2012: Cruising the US Midwest by boat

Sailing the US Heartland sounds a little uncommon and in fact bridges and Powerlines make it impossible to use the wind to head down for the first part of it. And I am still wondering how many german boats might have ever taken this route after crossing the ocean at all. I know of three (one of them a powerboat that started it‘s trip where I did). So I know I am not the first but at least the attention the flag at Paulinchen‘s stern draws, provides a little insight to the fact that boats from overseas are not too common here.

Heading into downtown chicago by boat on Chicago River
Chicago River takes Paulinchen right through downtown Chicago into the Riversystem

The mast is stepped and Paulinchen has been converted to a powerboat in Chicago to begin traveling the rivers. The Trip startet right downtown Chicago with Lock Number „one“. At least I will refer to „Chicago Lock“ as „Number one“ counting how many I will have to pass until I reach the Gulf Coast. Weiterlesen