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A schedule for a summer

Even a sailor has a few appointments. And while my calendar fills up quickly this spring, it‘s time to get some antifouling on the bottom of my boat and put her back into the water. Major objective now is to depart within the next two weeks from the US.

I wonder if any of the Loopers I met last year will be around somewhere in southern Bahamas for a reunion on the way. But my guess is that most of them are already making their way back into the Abacos and further north for a cooler summer in Georgian Bay.

Heading though the Caribbean will be an adventure of its own. The route however is unfortunately again aigainst winds and currents.
Heading though the Caribbean will be an adventure of its own. The route however is unfortunately again aigainst winds and currents.

If so, I will be following the quickest route: Straight down to Cuba and southeast along the Coast for about 1600 Miles to the Dominican Republic. Three to four weeks is my estimate for this. But if there is one to meet a gathering will put me closer to what is called the classic „Thorny Path“ (red dotted line), adding another week or two.

Good things first: This way is the way to go for the greatest variety of cultural and sailing attractions. And said that we talk about the „thorns“: Prevailing easterly Winds will slow down the sail an all the routes I plan on. The mor Northeastern my route will be the more the wind will be. And as always there is an appointment to hang on to: Kinga will join me for a vacation in May.

After that I have to make my next appointment in Grenada for some Lobster and a beer on Misty. South enough to be out of the hurrican belt (red solid line). The boat will be hauled out again for a some maintenance and in fall I will quickly head west, following the general route to Panama and jump into the Pacific Ocean.

That by the way is a little new thing I have planned over the winter in Switzerland. I will head along the South American Coast to Patagonia on the pacific. This way I have less current to fight. but going aorund than will bring me back to the atlantic. So I changed the whole plan for turning east from here and head to Australia from the other side. (Updated map)  But that‘s the next adventure.

Oh, and meanwhile: In case anyone has a good working heater for a boat I guess I could need one after leaving the caribbean …

Caribbean pilot chart for april (c) NOAA
Caribbean pilot chart for april (PDF)

For those interested in meteorological details: NOAA provides a set of pilot charts for common winds and currents on the Atlantic Ocean. These charts can be downloaded as PDF-files and give at least a good estimate on what weather and currents are to be expected along a trip: March, April, May, Jun, July, August, September, October, November, December